Do I need to make a reservation?
Online reservations are encouraged for all cruises and required for all meals.

Can I make a reservation the day of the cruise?
Yes, but only by phone, online reservations are not allowed the day of the cruise.

Do your cruises go out every day?
All of our cruises are booked based upon demand, a minimum number of passengers is required to sail.

What is your cancellation policy?
All cruises are non-refundable. No refunds will be given.


How long are the cruises?
Cruises range anywhere from 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Are the cruises narrated?
The afternoon cruises are narrated.

Can I bring my own food and/or beverages on board?
No outside food or beverages are permitted on the boat. We do have a full service bar where you may purchase drinks and snacks are available for purchase.

Is there a dress code for any of the cruises?
Dress is casual for all of our cruises, come however you are comfortable.

Is there ample parking?
We have ample parking at our Bagnell Dam location.

Is there smoking allowed on board?
Smoking is not permitted on board the Celebration Boat. No smoking is allowed.

Are pets allowed on board?
We are sorry but for the health and safety of our passengers (and your pets) we only allow service dogs aboard.

Food and Beverage

Can I purchase lunch or dinner on the boat?
All meals are catered in, so advanced reservations are required. Concessions are available on both boats that can be purchased during the cruise.

Do you have a bar on board?
Yes, we have a full bar serving fountain soda, juices, punch, beer, wine and mixed drinks.

Can I brink my own food or drink on board?
No, we have concessions for sale and our liquor license prevents any outside containers on board.
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